Make your own flash presentations and share them on the web



Flypaper is a program with which you'll be able to create your own Flash presentations using any images and videos which you want to share with friends on Internet.

The program, which was designed for you to publish your creations on websites, blogs, or other personal online spaces, helps you create videos that can be as complex as you want. To do this you are given many predefined templates, image transition effects, audio and video clips, etc. However, the whole point of Flypaper is to use your own clips and give them the best finishing touches possible by using all of the options available on the program.

Flypaper lets you adjust the parameters on each of the elements you add, thus letting you choose the moment in which your photo will appear, the dimensions for the animation's main video, exactly where text, buttons and other interactive elements will appear, if any effects will be included, and much more.

Once you are finished with the animation, you can save it or publish it on your Flypaper user profile (sign up is free). Plus, Flypaper makes it easy for you to add your animations onto your Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, or Blogger pages, or any other social networks.